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What You Need To Know Before Visiting Or Moving To Staten Island

Staten Island is without a doubt one of New York’s most sought after travel destinations. With all the scenic views, high employment rates, and attractions, it truly is easy to understand why anyone would want to visit or live here. However, Staten Island truly is a location that must be fully understood before you can truly appreciate everything that it has to offer. Below, you will learn some key information that you need to be aware of before considering making a move or travel plans to this great borough.

Staten Islanders Really Know How To Party

If you love hitting up the nightclubs, staying out late, and partying, Staten Island is without a doubt the place for you. Not only do they have a variety of hot spots to choose from, but also Staten Islanders really know how to throw a party. In fact, there are some parties that have been reported to cost more than the average wedding. In addition to this, it really doesn’t take much to get invited. You will probably run into at least two or three people in a nightclub that will invite you to the same big bash.

Lemon Ice Is A Huge Hit

You will quickly discover that lemon ice drinks are a major hit, but this is actually just a generic name. You can actually order anything from cherry lemon ice to rainbow lemon ice.

Know Where Schools Are Located

If you have school-aged children, you will need to locate the schools in Staten Island. Whether you plan on sending your children to a charter, public or private school, you will still need to know where it is located. Having children that attend two different schools can even be more of a pain. Since you will need to focus on locating two schools instead of one.

Most people prefer living in a neighborhood that is within walking distance of their child’s school. However, it may be difficult to find such a neighborhood in Staten Island, but it is not impossible. Just be patient and wait until the perfect home becomes available on the market.

Public Utilities

If you have already acquired a new home, you will need to start working on having the utilities turned on. This can be a timely process, since you will need to set up accounts with each utility company. You will also need to pay a deposit and other fees, before the utilities are turned on. Just keep track of these expenses, because they can add up before you know it.

Most utility companies have a website that offers consumers with information about their services. There, you should be able to find information about the connection process.


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