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How To Plan For An Extended Staten Island Vacation

There is nothing more exciting than the thought of traveling to Staten Island, a suburban borough of New York City. Staten Island has something to offer even the pickiest of travelers. However, if you truly want to enjoy your vacation without worrying about your pets, home and job, you will start planning now. Planning for an extended trip is never easy, but if you start several months in advance, you will not leave one stone unturned. Below, you will discover several tips for planning a Staten Island vacation.

Travel Itinerary

A travel plan is a necessity, regardless if you are traveling from Europe or within the United States to New York. The plan should include your reservations, transportation details, personal information, travel destinations and budget details. If you fail to create a detailed travel plan, you will surely forget to do something before you exit your home or leave Staten Island.

Animal Boarding

Since you are probably not going to be traveling with your animals, you will need to set up boarding for them. You can rely on family or friends to care for the animals or take them to a local animal daycare center. Never forget about your furry, faithful friends, because they could perish in your home, while you are away.

Create A Diversion

Never let others know you are leaving for an extended vacation. Do not broadcast your planned trip on your Facebook or Twitter page, because these are public platforms. By publicizing your trip in advance, you could potentially be letting criminals know that you are going to be leaving your home unattended. Instead, just tell those that truly need to know, such as your family, boss, landlord and close friends.

You will also want to give the impression that someone is living in the home, while you are away. You can do this with smart timers, which can be controlled from anywhere around the world. These devices come with a mobile app, so you can turn on lights, close shades and flip the TV off whenever you feel like it.

Do A Walkthrough Of Your Home

Several days before your departure, you should conduct a complete walkthrough of your home. Look for and lock any open windows and doors. You should also unplug any electrical device that will not be utilized while you are away. Before you depart your home for the final time turn off all appliances, light switches and make sure the garage door is locked up tight.


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