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Children’s Museum of Staten Island

The Children’s Museum of Staten Island is an educational museum open to Sailors’ Snug Harbor children in Staten Island, New York. The museum was established in 1976 after a government takeover, and community funding poured into the project. The museum focuses on an attractive and practical approach to its exhibitions. The museum features an enormous steel sculpture of Francis, the praying mantis. Francisco, the praying mantis, is located at the entrance to the museum.   A group of volunteer parents founded the museum in 197. The Staten Island Children’s Museum opened in 1976 in a small space rented for one exhibit and program. Various “hands-on, way-of-thinking” exhibits on developments in the natural sciences, science, art, and design were presented. The museum’s space limitations in 1980 forced the museum to look for larger rooms. In 1980, the City of New York invited the Children’s Museum to join a group of cultural institutions that included plans to relocate the museum to land, making way for the recently acquired 83-acre Snug Harbor. The process of planning, financing, and building the Snug Harbor Cultural Center’s new space took approximately six years. By 1986, the museum was ready to receive visitors in its new location. After adding the old barn and its two-level walkway, the museum expanded by  0,000 square feet. In 2013, the museum completed another capital project that included the construction of a new high-tech park, the East Meadow performance space, and a vertical windmill with a roof-mounted shaft and propeller.

Exhibitions and programs

The   Children’s Museum has ten indoor and two outdoor exhibitions, an artists’ workshop, and a performance area. Visitors can experience different environments and view live and preserved insects and other arthropods. They can also explore buildings and city structures in interactive exhibits, climb into a fire engine and play games. East Meadow’s four acres provide outdoor space for children to run, play and enjoy picnics. A massive metal statue of a mantis named Francis Praying Mantis is located near the entrance of the Staten Island Children’s Museum.  In addition to the museum’s exhibits, various activities throughout the year include festivals and cultural performances. Such. Like Con Edison’s Second Saturday Science! Con Edison’s Second Saturday Science! Monthly workshops, cooking with ShopRite With Kids, summer Boogie Woogie Wednesday dance shows mini-camps in the summer, NYC, and general school holidays.  EZ Staten Island Junk Removal

Admission Fee  

The admission Fee is $8 for children one year or older. Admission is free as a member of the Children’s Museum. Visits for at least ten people groups must be booked before the agreed time. Entry is free every year, and no unaccompanied adults are allowed.

Address: 1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY

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